Don't Get Beaten By The Sun!!!

One of the greatest things about fishing, is having the chance to enjoy being on the water.   but's it's tough to be on the water without being affected by the sun.  Even if you're in the shade of a T-Top, thie sun's rays will bounce off the water, creating glare, and discomfort.

Sunglasses that look great but don't fit are NOT helping your vision.   Our staff is trained to help you find the right lens AND the right fit from hundreds of different frame styles, sizes, and colors.   Over the past 20 years, we have tried and researched almost every brand of premium polarized sunglasses on the market.  The bottom line is that for eye protection, quality, confort and customer service, it comes back to Costa Del Mar every time.  We are proud to be one of the largest Costa Del Mar Premium Dealers in the area, with a huge stock of Wave 580 and 400 lenses.

Come in and see why Betts Fishing Center is the best place to select the correct sunglasses glasses for ANY application!

Sun Protection Clothing
We can protect you head to toe, in a variety of stylish sun protection, from quality companies like Pelagiac,  Skinny Water Culture, Native Outfitters,  Breathes Like a Fish, Original Buffs, and Glacier Gear.